Does you company have stock pilled or archived x-rays which are no longer required?

These x-rays can be a valuable resource when recycled in correct manor. At Save Money we have helped numerous clients dispose of x-rays in safe and secure manor adhering to all regulations required for safe disposal of such a material.

Not only does this safe destruction help companies save money on expensive storage costs but we can help achieve a healthy financial rebate for them in the process.

Our processes offer companies fluid way of dealing with this waste steam and a large number of clients have seen the benefit of using our systems to deal with this for them.

How can we help…

  • Advice relating extraction of historically stored X-rays
  • Logistical¬†assistance
  • Secure destruction and extraction of metals from X-rays
  • Certified documentation

Please feel free to get in touch today to discuss any requirements you may have relating to x-rays with our experienced team of consultants ready to help you.