Wood can be a notoriously difficult product to deal with when it comes to disposing of in environmentally friendly manner.

Companies often find themselves in situation where they are putting large volumes of wood into skips and general waste disposal which results in financial cost.

At Save Money we can help avoid this problem and associated costs by assisting companies to recycle wood in a cost effective environmentally friendly manor.

There are numerous solutions to cater for waste wood and with our help we can provide the right process to help any company deal with this issue resulting in reduction in costs and carbon footprint.

One of biggest concerns for companies can be waste pallets. Often these can be left after deliveries and have no use or companies acquire broken units which cannot be reused.

These pallets can be recycled and dealt with environmentally friendly manner via various methods.

Uses for recycled wood…

  • Biomass sector to be used as fuel
  • Bedding in agricultural sector
  • Panel board industries

At Save Money we have numerous service providers looking to acquire pallets and wood waste for number of reasons so this product should not be an issue to you.

Steps to dealing with waste wood….

Step 1….Take a look at current methods in place for dealing with wood.

Step 2…..Consider any methods which you could incorporate into current set up (biomass boiler,agricultural use)

Step 3…..Contact our team and let us guide you through most effective cost efficient way to deal with this issue.

Our team has vast experience dealing with wood waste so do not hesitate to call or email us and let us help you manage this waste stream in most productive way possible.

Please feel free to get in touch today so we can help you manage any wood waste requirements you may have.