Does your company generate large volumes of plastic waste?

Now more than ever companies are under pressure to recycle due to world wide awareness of the impact this material has on the environment.

As well as the environmental responsibilities companies have often they are unaware with correct processes in place they can combine ethical approach with fluid waste management system and this can result in financial benefits.

Examples of plastics….

  • Plastic bottles,pots,tubs and trays
  • Shrink wrap film
  • Rigid plastics,such as crates,pipes and mouldings
  • Flexible plastics,such as strapping and cable sheathing

You may not be aware that certain types of plastic are in high demand as a recycled product. Often companies throw plastic into mixed recycling bins or even into general waste and receive a charge from their service provider to deal with this

These bins are more often then not then taken back to a premises where the plastic is then removed and separated ready to be recycled.

This process is something which our clients can do themselves and we have the expertise and know how to guide them through this.

We can then help put our clients in position where they are not only reducing their spend on general waste bins by reducing the volumes of plastic going into them but we are helping them gain financial rebate for this effort!

Its a simple process by which we can help our clients maximise the potential return available to them!

How do you begin process?

Step 1………Collect all information you have relating to your companies waste.

Step 2………Consider what you would like to achieve with our help in regards to your waste.

Step 3………Get in touch with all information and let us help you improve your recycling and save money today!

Get in touch today and let us help you with all your waste requirements!