Does you company generate large volumes of waste glass?

Well at Save Money On My Waste, we can show you the most cost effective ethical way to deal with waste glass.

Did you know 100% of glass cab be recycled? This means your waste glass can be dealt with in an efficient environmentally friendly manner to fir in with your current working processes.

Companies are still throwing glass into general waste or attempting to recycle without knowing or understanding what the most effective way of dealing with this product actually is.

Glass is a resource which can be recycled in a really clean efficient manner and we can show our clients how this is possible using a simple fluid process.

There are various ways glass can be dealt with on site ranging from standard bottle deposit banks people are used to seeing through to specialist compactors.

Ways to Recycle glass….

  • Deposit into bottle banks delivered┬áto site
  • Deposit into compactors set up on site
  • Make sure waste glass is segregated when deposited into allocated bins

The recycling potential of glass is extremely high and if this is an area in which companies experience issues we have facility and knowledge to help solve these problems.

How do you begin process of glass recycling…

  • Step 1…..Consider what glass waste you currently produce
  • Step 2…..Compile all costs you are currently pay which relate to glass waste
  • Step 3….Contact Save Money On My Waste and let our team do the rest!

Please feel free to get in touch today and let us begin saving you money!