Does your company have a problem with food waste?

Food waste is an  area we often find ourselves assisting companies with.

In virtually all cases we come discover that food waste will be going into general waste and also into forms of dry mixed recycling by accident causing this to be contaminated.

Recently a client approached us with an issue of food waste at their premises and asked for our assistance.

Save Money On My Waste managed to put a solution to their problem in place immediately which involved specialist compactors being used to deal with food waste which when full was then taken away to be burnt for fuel.

Our client was then in a situation where they could improve their recycling processes as there was no risk of bins being contaminated by food waste therefore creating a fluid and efficient way of dealing with what was previously deemed a problem.

This is just one example of how we can deal with food waste issues for our clients so if this is an on going problem to your company please feel free to get in touch today and let us resolve this for you.