Do you generate sensitive data or material which requires safe destruction? This is an area where we can help our clients save money.

Secure destruction and management of sensitive data can critical to a business when it comes to handling of information such as legal documents,accounts and confidential paperwork.

At Save Money On My Waste we have an extensive network of service providers who cater for this sector of the market. Often companies can be paying way over the odds for safe destruction of confidential waste and this is area we can help with.

We have dealt with numerous high profile organisations who have used our service providers to deal with safe destruction of sensitive material and data. Not only have they received a high quality, secure service but they have also ensured the best price possible for job required.

How can Confidential data be dealt with securely?….

  • Secure numbered tear resistant bags
  • Lockable boxes and containers delivered to offices
  • Detailed collection dates
  • Secure destruction notes
  • Tracked vehicles used to remove and destroy waste

All of our confidential data destruction when completed comes with all the relevant paper work to show works have been carried out in correct manner by a certified service provider.

Steps to deal with Confidential waste…

Step 1…….Take a look at what data requires secure destruction

Step 2……Consider how you could securely store this on site prior to collection (storage boxes,bulk containers)

Step 3……Contact our team and let us help you find most cost effective and efficient way to handle your data destruction.

If you currently have a process in place you are happy with can still look to make sure you are achieving best possible rate for these services.

Please feel free to get in touch today and speak to one of our experienced team members about your confidential data destruction concerns.