Does you company produce large volumes of cardboard waste? Well at Save Money On My Waste we can help you turn what may appear to be a waste product into a resource, which could in fact earn you money!

Cardboard is a product which can be easily recycled and demand for this is high. Nearly all businesses will use large quantities of cardboard and paper and recycling this product is easy and rewarding

Why throw away a resource into a bin which more than likely is costing a company money to be removed on a weekly basis when in fact this can be recycled.

Cardboard can be recycled by being placed in specific bins and collected or baled using machines.By baling cardboard waste a company can maximise the rebate they will achieve for the waste generated!

Examples of cardboard waste….

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Paperboard
  • Juice cartons

Figures show up to 70% of cardboard can be recycled and last year prices reached £140.00 per tonne for baled waste!

Significant financial rewards can be gained by recycling cardboard in the right manner as shown above which can then also be offset against the carbon footprint.

How do you go about turning your waste into an ethical revenue? We’ll show you….

Step 1…….Take a look at what cardboard and paper you currently throw away

Step 2……Put together details of all costs which cover process being used to deal with waste currently

Step 3……Contact our team and let us put together plan of action to help you reduce your waste spend,improve your recycling methods and begin turning your waste into a resource!

The process is simple and at Save Money On Your Waste we have experienced team ready to answer any questions you have relating to cardboard and paper recycling.

Once we have an overview as to how you are currently dealing with your waste cardboard we can begin putting together a bespoke recycling package designed to help your company or business secure most cost effective and efficient process in which to deal with your waste.

This package will also enable companies to receive most cost effective process possible to handle any cardboard waste requirement they have.

Please feel free to get in touch today and let one of team help you begin saving today.