How does Save Money On My Waste work?

Well it’s simple and straight forward. All we need from you before we can start helping you save is the following;

  • Scanned copy of last bill from current service provider.
  • If your are in contract what date that is due for renewal.
  • List of waste resource you currently recycle along with any rebates you maybe receiving.
  • A photo of where your bins,skips, recycling area is showing access currently used by service provider when being emptied.
  • A short briefing as to what you would like us to achieve for you outside of standard reduction in costs (ie. ‘focus on certain waste product which is causing issues’)

Once you have compiled this information (the more detail we have the higher the chance of us securing you best possible saving) you can send this to (INSERT EMAIL)

We will notify you that we have have received the information and begin compiling a report and proposal showing how best we think you can save money and how to go about securing these rates along with details of the service provider who can carry out the service required.

This initial report and guidance is a free advice service and it’s entirely up to our clients to proceed how they see fit once we have given information required.

In almost all cases we help our clients find a service provider who undertakes removal of waste for reduced cost and once this process is arranged our associated costs are covered by the third party.

In effect this gives our client a cost neutral hassle free process in which to save money.

In almost all cases once companies see the financial benefits of the proposals we are able to offer we secure the business going forward.

Our relationship with clients does not just end there. We continually monitor rates and service providers we recommend to our clients to ensure they are receiving the best possible service alongside the most cost effective deal available at that time.

It really is as simple as supplying us with basic information as stated above and we do the rest!

No hassle,no obligation,no fee.

Get in touch today and see what we can save you.