Exhibition waste is and area where large volumes of unwanted material can be created with it often ending up in landfill.

In most cases when exhibitions conclude the stands are broke down and large sections have no further requirement and subsequently end up being taken away for disposal. This applies to companies who also lack storage facility to house exhibition stands and have no choice but to send these unwanted units to waste.

As we have seen from spending time around the industry monitoring waste streams being created we know there is real opportunity to recycle vast amounts of product created via this process.

Nearly all waste created could be recycled if handled in correct manner when it has reached its end of life use.

This recycling process implemented could result in reduction of waste sent to landfill alongside reduction is costs associated.

As well as reducing costs if waste is handled in correct way via segregation process the subsequent recycling could result in financial rebate being generated for our client.

In previous cases where large volumes of waste have been created we have ability to send in teams to actually assist in segregation process to maximise recycling potential of unwanted product. This process and assistance from our on site team has resulted in much higher financial rebate for our client.

Examples of some products which can be recycled…

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Glass

As of January 2018 there is bigger pressure being placed on shoulders of the producers of waste to show they have full tractability of where unwanted product is being taken to and handled.

This also includes producer of waste having a duty of care to show they are actively making steps to improve methods and processes being used to deal with unwanted items.

These proactive steps which are implemented can also be shown in ISO qualifications to verify that environmental targets are being maintained and improved constantly.

Here are few tips to help reduce exhibition waste…

  • Consider using recycled products in the initial construction of stands
  • Look to place bins for individual waste streams around halls
  • Organise recycling teams to segregate waste created by exhibition at end of shows
  • Recycle any materials for future shows

The additional benefits to improving recycling include reduction in carbon footprint and increased green credentials.

Our expert knowledge of industry has helped us offer concise advice to companies to help reduce waste spend,increase recycling and bring down financial cost associated to process required to deal with unwanted product.

If you would like any advice on exhibition recycling please feel free to get in touch today.