With ever increasing pressure mounting on companies to take responsibility for waste generated via housing building and the commercial development sector there has never been a better time to really examine both practices and costs associated.

Its been common procedure for companies to use predated methods to manage waste generated through construction industry and this has resulted in spiralling costs along with lack of knowledge as to where exactly unwanted materials are being disposed of.

Environmental laws now state that producer of waste must have full understanding and tractability as to exact point material being disposed of finishes.

In years gone by it was acceptable for waste producer to offer waste carriers note provided by contractor dealing with material as sufficient proof that they had dealt with process in correct manner.

Due to change the in legislation the producer of waste is expected to have full tractability of waste they have removed from site through to end user and this is area we can help manage efficiently.

At Save Money On My Waste we offer expert advice to large scale construction companies on most effective and efficient cost saving processes for dealing with waste generated.

This consultancy advice ranges from helping offer full tractability of waste removed from site via digital portholes accessible to clients through to securing the best financial deals possible for process.

As governing bodies are putting more and more pressure on companies to show they are actively taking steps to handle any waste produced in most environmentally sound way possible our detailed knowledge of both legislation and the overall industry in general makes our service hugely beneficial.

Over past few years we have helped a number of small,medium and large scale construction companies dramatically improve environmental methods and processes they use to manage waste being produced along with driving costs down!

Companies can also benefit from improved ISO environmental qualifications if its proven to showthat implementation of new processes will result inof reduce carbon footprint and increase green credentials.

Tips to reduce construction waste…

  • Only order amount of materials required for job if possible
  • Reuse left over materials where possible
  • Offer left over wood to companies to be burnt for fuel
  • Recycle products such as plastic,metal and wood
  • Consider using recycled products as part on original build to help the cycle.

Its predicted that in next 5 years all current available landfill could be full to capacity unless companies and individuals take responsibility for their waste being produced.

Recycling is best way to combat this ever increasing issue and we can help use this facility to improve ways in which a company handles unwanted waste.

Please feel free to get in touch and let us start helping you today.