The After Party

Should festivals do more to educate party goers about recycling….


Its coming to the end of festival season and this got me thinking should more be done to improve the way in which festivals deal with the waste created.

Now this may seem strange to focus on a single event to ask this question but there’s a logic to  my thinking…

No doubt festivals throughout UK put provisions in place to deal with all number of waste requirements but as with any event implementing strict recycling methods can prove difficult and ineffective if not adhered to correctly.

Generally you will see standard segregation of waste using various bins which public are more than used to seeing and will inevitably carry out in some capacity at home or work.

Now what about if festivals took it upon themselves to really set a precedence to implement strict systems for party goers to adhere to to make a bold statement.

Maybe include more detailed segregation such as plastic,cardboard and food waste to include members of staff on site to educate public why this is important.

Also look to ban certain items like single use plastics and even waste bottles. Whilst this may impact on sales why not sell reusable water containers and explain to party goers why this is so important to environment.

My logic behind festivals taking the initiative regarding recycling is because the mind set of party goer is more often than not of a happy bohemian feel.

These people maybe in an ideal place to tap into a psychic which in any other day to day life may not take on board this certain thought processes.

If festivals forced people into dealing with their waste in certain ways they may be more receptive to this process and even take these ideas away with them because of the mindset they were in at the time.

I appreciate there is a counter argument to say maybe festival goers are not there to be educated about waste but in fact enjoy themselves and this concept is not on their radar.

My belief is maybe forcing people to deal with personal waste in more educated fashion may subconsciously hit the right note with them.

You could find a situation where party goers leave an event after fun carefree weekend with new approach to recycling and this maybe as a result of their mindset when educated about waste…

I’ll accept there’s maybe more effective ways to educate public about importance of recycling but maybe the environment in which they receive this information could be key to it resonating with them?….

I maybe barking up the wrong tree with this ideology but then again if it saves one tree maybe the barking is worth it….


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