Can government force companies to change packaging or is financial implications a risk their not willing to take?

So the question is would the government impose restrictions on materials used to produce packaging help reduce amount of waste reaching landfill?

Well like with all environmental issues there’s the ethical route then there’s the repercussions of implementing specific changes to support solving these issues.

I think everyone involved in industry would agree that if government introduce s restrictions relating to packaging used to house varying products which generally end up in landfill due to fact they cannot be recycled this would immediately help ease the problem significantly.

The issue with such drastic actions is that these would need to be consistant across industries and this would take huge logistal infrastructure to monitor.

This then offers dilemma to government where they would argue (behind closed) that finachally would this be viable to put this infrastructure in place to save a land fill cost.

From a purely environmental angle we would all say yes.

The problem simply comes back to money.

We would all love to see zero waste to landfill but these kind of drastic changes are what is required to help reduce burden on landfills but with the financhal support required to support these moves it’s hard to see it happening.

Arguably then maybe the producer of waste has duty of care to use more environmentally sound packaging to house their product which would could be recycled?

Again we’re left asking is this not viable as they would argue in current difficult economic climate a new type of environmentally compliant type of packaging may force them into increasing their product cost and in turn losing revenue.

Again the financial implications dictate the issue as in climate where companies are crying out for financial relief from government the thought of restrictions which would result in added pressure is difficult to imagine.

In conclusion you can see the dilemma.

Recycling and reducing waste to landfill requires serious consideration and commitment from all parties and is not something which can be achieved overnight.

Maybe the issue is communication and once productive target objective dialogue starts to take place between government and major waste producers we will see significant changes happening….

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